Two years of collaboration with a great reality in the field of renewable energies.

Two years of collaboration, which contributed to the growth of our company and team.

Two years in which we made our expertise available to the Customer, trying to respond to the needs that have arisen.

Two years in which we carried out geophysical surveys in order to the study of the electrical and thermal properties of the soils, geognostic surveys for the study of the hydraulic and geotechnical parameters of the soils, 3D georeferenced locating and mapping of cables, pipes and networks to reduce the risk of damage to existing artifacts, hazards to workers, to equipments and to the environment, diagnostics of photovoltaic plants for fault and defect detection and for the preventive maintenance, topography, photogrammetry, multimedia content production.

We worked hard to live up to their loyalty.

Two years and 43 MWp of photovoltaic plants built.

Two years of collaboration in two simple words: Thanks Aktor!


Henge S.r.l., Heritage Engineering Geophysics

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