Innovative Services and Non-Conventional Applications for the Solutions of Issues

Characterization of Contaminated Sites
Study of Waste Dumps
Study of Salin Intrusion Phenomena
Monitoring of HDPE Sheet

Archaeology and Cultural Heritage

Archaeological Research
3D Digital Reconstruction
Evaluation of Structures Decay
Evaluation of Archaeological Risk


Crack Pattern Analysis
Structural Characterization
Plaster Separation Detection
Wall Texture Detection

Energy Efficiency

Thermal Bridging Detection
Air and Water Infiltration
Analysis of Insulation Works
Evaluation of Walls Energetic Performance

Geology and Hydrogeology

Determination of Stratigraphy
Mining Research
Undergrownd Cavity Locating and Surveing
Study of Acquifers and Water Research


Study of Landslides, Subsidence, Sinkhole
Study of Foundation Terrains
Analysis of Structural Failures
Seismic Characterization


Analysis of Structural Failures
Reinforced Concrete Characterization
3D Reconstruction of Covered Canals
Study of Foundation Works

Preventive Maintenance

Electrical Systems Check
Mechanical Systems Check
Control of Insulation Works
Photovoltaic Panels Check

Utilities Locating and Mapping

Utilities Locating
Utilities 3D Mapping
Pipes Inspections
Interference Risk Assessment


Terrain Subsidence Analysis
Study of Building Movements
Study of Large Scale Instabilities
Study of Hydrogeological Risk Areas

3D Digital Surveys

Complex Point Cloud Generation
3D Digital Modelling
Vectorization Process
Mosaic and Ortho-Images Generation

Topography and Photogrammetry

Design Points Materialization
High Resolution Georeferenced Images
Digital Terrain Models
High Density Spot Height Maps

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Aerial Surveys with UAV Systems

Underwater Surveys with ROV Systems